Introduction to Oracle Time and Labor

What is Oracle Time and Labor?

Oracle Time and Labor (OTL) integrates with the Project Accounting, Payroll, Service Procurement and Enterprise Asset Management(EAM) modules.

OTL acts as a key data collection and integration point within an Oracle ERP solution. Implementation of the OTL module provides the following key benefits:-

* Elimination of duplicate data entry practices.
* Ability to decentralise data entry by allowing the empoyees/timekeeper to enter timecards.
* Provision of an electronic approval process using the highly configurable Oracle workflow.
* Data validation save/submission of timecard entry.

Data entered into OTL operates under the principle of single timesheet entry – but with the capability to re-use the time and costing data for multiple module use.

OTL can be configured to integrate to a single module, multiple modules, or a combination of both within the one solution. The exact nature of the setup being dependant on client requirements, the modules being implemented and the type of workforce and setup of legal entities.

This video presentation will give you an introduction to Oracle Time and Labor module. It is a good idea to go through this video before you dive into the setup tutorials.


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