Introducing the most comprehensive preparation course for the 1Z0-965 Fusion HCM Certification Exam. The 1Z0-965 Fusion HCM Certification Exam is designed for individuals who possess a strong foundation and expertise implementing and/or developing Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management solutions. This certification exam covers topics such as: Global Human Resources, Security, People Management, Profile Management, and Workforce Structures. Up-to-date training and field experience are recommended.

Course Content:

  • 85 practice questions
  • Detailed explanations for the questions
  • 100% Guaranteed success rate so far with all our students

This training material is guaranteed to improve your efficiency for the exam.

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  1. Gain a competitive advantage by developing a skill set that’s in demand, worldwide.
  2. Create opportunity and improve your credibility through continuous learning.
  3. Join the 80% of Oracle certification holders who reported a promotion, salary increase or other career improvements. So why NOT???

Cost of 1Z0-965 Fusion HCM Certification Exam: 245 USD

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Exam Topics


People Management

  • Explain the Fusion Person Model
  • Plan workforce deployment
  • Analyze workforce deployment
  • Manage the workforce lifecycle
  • Maintain worker directories
  • Create workforce records


Workflow, Approvals, and Notifications

  • Explain Approval Policies
  • Manage Approval Groups
  • Deploy Notifications
  • Manage Approval Transactions


Checklist and Actions

  • Create Checklists
  • Set Up Actions and Action Reasons
  • Define Schedules
  • Configure Profile Options and Lookups
  • Define Calendar Events and Geography Trees
  • Configure Geography Trees


Profile Management

  • Explain profile types
  • Configure workforce profiles
  • Create custom content types


Workforce Structure

  • Create organizations and divisions
  • Use effective dating and action types
  • Explain foundation tables
  • Set Up Enterprise HCM Information
  • Create Legal Entities for HCM
  • Define Workforce Structures
  • Define Grades
  • Define Jobs
  • Define Positions
  • Define Geographies
  • Define Enterprise Structures


Person Gallery

  • Configure Person Gallery Keyword Searches
  • Explain Portrait Card Display Options
  • Create Custom Gallery Messages


Course Curriculum

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Oracle Fusion HCM Certification Question discussions 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Could you clarify


    Could you clarify why the answer for below question is C
    Q. A client requires that promotion approvals should go to a static set of three users in a sequential manner, with the approval process continuing to the next user if the prior approver is not available. What setup is required to meet this requirement?
    ANSR:C. While configuring Approval Group List Builder, select “Allow empty groups” as True
    Suggested answer:I believe the answer is B “While configuring Approval Group List Builder, select “Allow empty groups” as False” Because if you set Allow empty groups to False,that means the the group must have one or more approvers

    Please advise.

  2. HCM Certification prep


    Excellent! Definitely worth paying for. Good explanations. Passed test working through this course

  3. Highly recommend both, the training and mock exam!


    The video tutorials provided for the Global HCM course have been in-depth and very detailed. It really shows the vast knowledge base ERPWebtutor has. The mock exam coupled with the training has been of immense help to get through the 1Z0-329 certification. The analysis videos provided for the mock exam made a big difference. I was able to clear mine with a score of 98%. I would highly recommend both the HCM core training and mock exam from ERP to anyone trying to get into Oracle Cloud!

  4. 1Z0-965


    Thanks, I wrote the exam, and passed using the study materials.

  5. Cannot access the course


    I am not able to access the course since yesterday. Yesterday, I was working on the test in preparation for the exam and then I finished the session. Since the session ended, I am not able to access the course/test.
    One button ”Course under evaluation” displayed. When I click this button, nothing happens

    I have submitted a message before and attached a screenshot of the issue.

    Your prompt response is highly appreciated. It is more than one day day with no access to the course for me.

    Osama Wanis
    Oracle HCM Consultant
    647 606 5820

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