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Due to the upcoming holiday week in the US (July 4th) we received multiple requests from students to reschedule the dates. We will update the revised schedule soon.

Oracle Cloud Time and Labor Training – Release 13

Dates will be published soon

Oracle Cloud Time and Labor Training course will be the most comprehensive training program in this area.

Get trained by the best in the business in the latest release.

Oracle Cloud Time and Labor Training – Course Outline:

Time and Labor Overview

  • Overview of Cloud Time and Labor – Evolution, current state, and future promises
  • Time and Labor Tasks in Setup and Maintenance

Time and Labor Scheduling

  • Viewing Worker and Team Schedules as a Worker and Manager
  • Managing Shift Properties
  • Creating Scheduler Profiles
  • Planning And Publishing Schedules

Workforce Management and Time and Labor – Touchpoints

  • Workforce Management Components Used with Time and Labor
  • Worker and Manager Time Entry Options
  • Tasks that Managers Perform in the Time Management Work Area

Time and Labor Integrations

  • Absence Management with Time and Labor: Overview
  • Global Payroll with Time and Labor: Overview
  • Project Costing with Time and Labor: Overview

Repeating Time Periods, and Time Consumers Sets

  • Repeating Time Periods
  • Supported Time Consumers
  • Time Consumer Configurations
  • Creating Project Costing and Global Payroll Time Consumer Sets

Time Attributes

  • Purpose of Time Attributes and User-Defined Time Attribute
  • Delivered Time Attributes
  • Value Sets And Values
  • Attribute Categories
  • User And Administrative Data Sources
  • Creating Your Own Time Attribute

Time Card Fields

  • Purpose of Time Card Fields
  • Difference Between Single-Attribute and Multiple-Attribute Time Card Fields
  • Data Sources for Time Reporters and Administrators
  • Creating a Single-Attribute Time Card Field
  • Creating a Multiple-Attribute Time Card Field
  • Using Data Source Filters

Managing Layout Sets

  • Purpose of Layouts and Layout Sets
  • Purpose of the Edit Layout Guided Process Pages
  • Configuring the Payroll Layout Set

HCM Groups

  • Purpose of Groups
  • Group Priority Assignment
  • Creating HCM Groups

Worker Time Entry Setup Profiles

  • Purpose of Worker Time Entry Setup Profiles
  • Delivered Worker Time Entry Setup Profiles
  • Assigning and Prioritizing Profiles
  • Creating Worker Time Entry Setup Profiles

Time Allocations, Rules, and Rule Sets

  • Bringing Together Formulas, Rule Templates, and Rules
  • Time Allocations
  • Allocation Assignments
  • Creating Time Entry Rules
  • Creating Time Entry Rule Sets
  • Associating Rule Sets with Workers

Rule Templates

  • Defining and Attaching Formulas
  • Time Rule Templates
  • Rule Template Outputs
  • Rule Template Explanations
  • Creating Time Entry, Calculation, Device, and Submission Rule Templates

Worker Time Processing Setup Profiles

  • Purpose of Worker Time Processing Setup Profiles
  • Delivered Worker Time Processing Setup Profiles
  • Assigning and Prioritizing Profiles
  • Creating Worker Time Processing Setup Profiles

Payroll Time Entry, Error and Exception Resolution, Approvals, and Transfer

  • Entering Time Using Time Cards
  • Editing and Submitting Saved Time Cards
  • Adjusting Time Entries on Time Cards
  • Resolving Time Entry Exceptions
  • Approving Payroll Time
  • Transferring Payroll Time to Global Payroll

Web Clocks Buttons

  • Creating Web Clock Buttons
  • Configuring the Web Clock Layout

Time Collection Device Setup

  • Adding Device Supplier and Supplier Device Event Lookup Codes
  • Creating Time Collection Device Event Mappings and Mapping Sets
  • Creating Export Data Configurations
  • Setting Shift Limits and Violation Types
  • Creating Time Device and Submission Rules and Rule Sets
  • Creating Time Device Processing Profiles

Processing Time Collection Device Events

  • Exporting Data to Time Collection Devices Using the Workforce Management Time Device Export Data Process
  • Explaining Time Device and Web Clock Event Validation and Processing

Mass Time Generation and Approval

  • Generating Time Cards, Time Events, and Time Entries
  • Editing and Approving Time Cards
  • Mass Time Approvals

Resolving Time Entry Exceptions

  • Time Entry and Badge Exceptions
  • Resolving Badge Exceptions
  • Resolving Time Entry Exceptions

Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence Audit Reporting

  • Overview of delivered Time and Labor reports

Course Duration: 16 hours (5×3 hour classes over 3 weekends) + 1-hour bonus doubt clearing session

Course Schedule:

July 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 28

7 AM – 10 AM PST (10 AM – 1 PM EST, 8:30 PM – 11:30 PM IST)

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