The recordings of our Oracle Cloud HCM Technical Training 2018 are now available for purchase. Also provides access to additional bonus content. Over 22 hours of top quality content…

Our Fusion HCM Technical Training course is designed to provide our students the maximum possible coverage in the various areas of Fusion HCM to succeed in the Fusion HCM Technical career path.

This course comes with complimentary Fusion instance access to practice. DO NOT modify other configurations. Create your own setups with your name initials as the prefix for testing. Please be fair to our fellow students.

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Oracle Cloud HCM Technical Training – Course Outline:

Data Conversion and Load 

  • Introduction to Spreadsheet Loader
  • Examples of Spreadsheet Loader
  • Introduction to HCM Data Loader (HDL)
  • HDL Data Flow
  • Supported Key Types
  • Object References
  • Key Resolution Sequence
  • Fusion HCM Business Object Structure
  • Zip File Structure
  • Dat File Structure
  • File Line Instruction Tags
  • File Discriminators
  • Line Structuring
  • Line Ordering
  • Preparing and Validating Source Data
  • Generating and modifying Templates
  • Handling Flexfields
  • Reviewing Enterprise Settings
  • Data Migration Examples by HDL – Work Structure(Job, Grade, Location, Department, Org Tree)
  • Data Migration Examples by HDL – Worker Data(Person, Salary, Address, Assignment, Termination, Rehire, Phone)
  • Introduction to Payroll Batch Loader
  • Payroll Batch Loader examples

HCM Extracts

  • Introduction to HCM Extract
  • Development of Extract
  • Report Creation for Extract
  • Scheduling of HCM Extract
  • Maintenance of HCM Extract


  • Introduction to BI Reports
  • Working example of BI Reports
  • Introduction to OTBI Reports
  • Working example of OTBI Reports
  • Discussion on outbound and inbound interfaces

Approvals and Workflow

  • Oracle Fusion HCM Workflow & Approval Management Overview
  • Oracle Fusion HCM Approvals Setup and Maintenance
  • Approval Rules
  • Approver Types
  • Oracle BPM Worklist Examples

Fusion HCM Security Basics

  • Overview of Fusion Roles
  • Understanding types of roles e.g. job role, data role, abstract roles, duties, aggregative privileges etc
  • Roles customization using security console
  • Security Profiles
  • Setting up data roles.

Personalizations and Page Customizations

  • Personalizations Overview
  • Managing Sandbox
  • Page customizations and page editing
  • Adding new icons on the employee home page
  • Customizations roll back
  • Migrating Customizations

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Course Curriculum

Section 1: Session Recordings
Day 1 – Introduction to Oracle Fusion HCM 00:41:00
Day 1 – HCM Data Loader (HDL) Loading Master Data 02:24:00
Day 2 – HCM Data Loader(HDL) – Loading Worker Data 03:15:00
Payroll Batch Loader (PBL) 01:02:00
Day 3 – BI Reporting Part 1 02:14:00
Day 4 – Q&A From PBL and BI Reporting 00:11:00
Day 4 – Update data with HDL using surrogate ID derived from BI Reports 00:40:00
Day 4 – HCM Extracts Basics 01:57:00
Day 5 – HCM Extracts Part 2 02:34:00
Integrate HCM Extract with BI Publisher Report 00:23:00
SFTP setup and automatic transfer of report outputs to third-party vendors 00:30:00
Day 6 – OTBI Reporting Part 1 02:37:00
Day 7 – OTBI Reporting and Dashboard Design 01:24:00
Day 7 – Customizations and Personalization in HCM Cloud 01:37:00
Day 8 – Cloud HCM Security Overview 02:00:00
Day 8 – Cloud HCM Approvals Overview 01:09:00
Section 2: Bonus Materials
Understanding Value Sets 00:06:00
Key Flexfields 00:07:00
Descriptive Flexfields 00:09:00
Employee Hire – Things to consider from an HDL standpoint 00:22:00
Functional Concepts for HDL – Assignment Update 00:05:00
Functional Concepts for HDL – Same day assignment update 00:05:00

Course Reviews


7 ratings
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  • 1 stars0


    There are many training providers out in the market; I feel ERPWebTutor is by far the best. The Trainers responded to all the questions and encouraged the group to feel free to ask questions and at the same time ensured all the topics are covered. If something is not part of the Actual course, Arideep uploaded bonus videos regarding the same.

  2. 5 star training and trainers!


    I have provided a 5 star review for this training for following reasons.

    Training material – Good – ERPwebtutor provides video recording and slide decks which are extremely thorough and easy to go through. The only improvement I would suggest is a written narrative with pictures that is easy to print and read through when we are not on computer.

    Trainer – Excellent – Trainers are very seasoned and industry practitioner. They really get into solving real world problems that the trainee might have. They are definitely masters in the skillset which is hard to find with seasoned trainers.

    Training Logistics – Good – The training went on smooth most of the time but we did run into a few hiccups. Trainers made enough accomodation to compensate for these.

    Training Curriculum – Excellent – Training curriculum was great. It covered all the important technical aspect in fusion. I just have one suggestion to include fast formula and DFF also as part of this course.

    Training schedule – Excellent – It was a short fast paced training, the way it should be. The schedule made sure that all items were covered in details but the training was not stretched too long that it starts suffering the decaying effect.

    Participation – Training has ample participation and trainer kept the lines open for people to ask questions real time. There was also good offline support.

    I would definitely recommend this training to others.

    Great work guys!

  3. High quality training


    This training helped me a lot. Being a non technical guy, I thought it you be really difficult to get through. But the trainers are so good at explaining and providing clear idea on what is being taught. Bonus materials provided are really helpful in correlating topics and also adds value to the cousre. There was a continous support for the questions we ask in the forum which helped me a lot whicle practicing. Comapring to the other online trainers for ERP, I would highly suggest to go with ERP Webtutor with out any hesitation. Thanks much ERP Webtutor team for all your wonderful support during and after the course.



    Here’s a 5-star to the training for the following reasons-
    1. High quality training with highly knowledgeable, professional trainers.
    2. Trainers provided real world examples and encouraged live Q&A.
    3. Continuous offline support for questions being posted on the forum.
    4. Well structured curriculum.
    5. Trainers posted bonus videos when possible, for topics being requested by the attendees that were not within the scope of the curriculum.
    6. Training always started on time.
    7. 90-day access to the video recordings, slide decks and test instance which was great for hands-on practice.


  5. Excellent Training


    The course curriculum is very well designed and comprehensive. The trainers bring in lot of industry experience which made the class very interactive for Q&A and also associating them with real time scenarios.
    Trainers are very prompt in sending responses even in offline. They also added multiple bonus materials when needed for the benefit of the class.
    Trainers genuinely cared about making the course interesting and comprehensible to everyone.
    Access for class recording, slide decks and instance is good for 90 days which enables students to work at their own pace.
    I definitely recommend this course to people who want to pursue their career in Oracle fusion. I am also looking forward to enroll in other functional classes in future.
    I attended few demo classes from other places but nothing can beat the quality of erpwebtutor. I highly recommend erpwebtutor!!!

  6. Oracle Cloud HCM Technical Training


    I have taken the self service Oracle Cloud HCM Technical training from ERPWebtutor and its a really good training. Topics are covered in depth and the training material is good to refresh what you have learnt. I am from EBS background and was new to fusion. After taking this training, I am able to use what was taught practically at work as well. The support provided by admins of ERPWebtutor is good. They promptly respond to any queries that we have.



    Course Content – Included all important topics for discussion , Good Coverage
    Course Explanation – Well handled with individual expertise in particular area of HCM Technical
    Real Time discussion and scenarios included during every session.

    With completion of HCM Technical Training, Fundamental concepts are laid down to build up little more complex requirements during an implementation or ongoing Support specially in areas of BI reports , Dashboards.

    I would suggest to add on few assignments from real time projects for each session, So that the trainee can work on the assignments to develop more confidence to handle actual scenarios.

    Good Course developed by SMEs


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