Oracle Fusion Workforce Compensation delivers the flexibility to build from simple to highly complex reward systems for global organizations while providing simplified decision-making and consistent messaging to your workforce. Oracle Fusion Workforce Compensation is built to offer extensive client-driven configuration options and simplified screen designs offered by the Oracle HCM Cloud platform. As part of the larger suite of HCM applications, Oracle Fusion Workforce Compensation provides seamless integration and a common user experience with modules essential to the compensation planning process. Employee records, security structures and hierarchies from Oracle Fusion Global Human Resources (Core HR) can be leveraged to provide a secure means of distributing budgets and allocating awards to groups of employees. Out of the box integration with Oracle Fusion Performance Management provides real-time performance updates to give managers the information they need to connect pay with performance. Our Fusion Compensation Management Training is guaranteed to help you build a solid foundation and excel in your career.

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Day 1 Session – Free preview

This course comes with complimentary Fusion instance access for practice. DO NOT modify other configurations. Create your own setups with your name initials as the prefix for testing. Please be fair to our fellow students.

Video Duration: 15 + hours


  • Basic computer knowledge
  • A good understanding of EBS/Peoplesoft or any other ERP HR Compensation Management Module will certainly help but not mandatory
  • Domain knowledge will help but not mandatory

Course Outline:

Fusion Applications Overview

  • Understanding Functional Setup Manager (FSM)
  • Offerings, Options, Features, Implementation Projects etc.
  • Roles required for Compensation

Managing Basic Compensation Configuration components

  • Configure elements
  • Configure salary basis
  • Understanding grades and grade rates
  • Using grades on salary basis
  • Demonstration of grade-step progression

Individual Compensation

  • Roles
  • Actions and action reasons
  • Eligibility profiles
  • Individual Compensation Plan setups

Workforce Compensation

  • Compensation Roles
  • Eligibility Profiles
  • Compensation batch processes
  • Plan Setups
  • Worksheet configuration
  • Budgeting and modeling
  • Transfer process to HR

Total Compensation Statements

  • Overview of total compensation statements
  • Configuration items and categories
  • Statement configuration
  • Generate and purge statements

What is the Target Audience?

  • Oracle Consultants with solid EBS experience
  • Peoplesoft HR consultants
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Compensation Administrators
  • ERP students and consultants
  • Oracle Apps Technical consultants trying to switch to Oracle HCM Functional

We also recommend you to visit Oracle Forums and explore Oracle Support to learn more scenarios and solutions.

**Price doesn’t include access to the live project recordings. For accessing the live project recordings, please contact us at [email protected]

Course Curriculum

R13 Basic Changes – Start your learning here 00:12:00
Section 1: Session Recordings
Fusion Compensation Functional Training – Day 1 02:38:00
Fusion Compensation Training – Day 2 (Individual Compensation) 01:15:00
Fusion Compensation Training – Day 2 (Workforce Compensation Foundation) 01:36:00
Fusion Compensation Training – Day 3(Budgets and Components) 00:54:00
Fusion Compensation Training – Day 3(Ratings and Rating Models) 00:23:00
Fusion Compensation Training – Day 3(Worksheet Approvals) 00:08:00
Fusion Compensation Training – Day 3(Configure Compensation Statements) 00:09:00
Fusion Compensation Training – Day 3(Worksheet configurations) 01:27:00
Fusion Compensation Training – Day 4 (Model, Reports, Filters and Plan Validation) 01:11:00
Fusion Compensation Training – Day 4 (Budgeting, Modeling and Worksheet Allocation) 01:39:00
Fusion Compensation Training – Day 5 (Transferring Workforce Plan data to HR) 00:51:00
Fusion Compensation Training – Day 5 (Total Compensation Statements) 00:26:00
Section 2: Live Project Recordings
Fusion Compensation Live Project Day – 1 02:43:00
Fusion Compensation Live Project Day – 2 02:46:00
Fusion Compensation Live Project Day – 3 02:38:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Wonderful Feeling


    Honestly Speaking, I have attended almost all ERPWebTutor Curses However, I founded that this course (Fusion Compensation Functional Training (Latest Release) one of the best courses, Indeed it is the best.
    The subject was covered fully with rich information and scenarios,
    I really recommend this course to be taken cause it will give some things new to your experience

  2. Good Experience


    I have attended Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud courses from other Institutions and from ERP Web Tutor, but I found the Fusion Compensation Functional Training from ERPWebTutor different, informative, scenario-based and useful due to the vast knowledgeable instructors and well impacted experience from the added “Compensation Live Project”.

    I would highly recommend this course to Potential Consultants, HCM Consultants and Support Analysts because it would guarantee you new dimension of experience, additional competency and useful practical skill. It is a step in the right direction.

  3. Excellent Content and Tutor


    The subject was covered with real project scenarios and in-depth training on almost all the functions and advanced scenarios with in Compensation. I would really recommend this to anyone who is looking for not only compensation but any other course. The instructor is excellent.

  4. Recommended Online Training for Cloud Workforce Compensation


    ERPWebtutor strives to provide comprehensive Training and has as usual ensured the same level for the Workforce Compensation course.
    I have found the course material and trainers extremely helpful and recommend ERPWebtutor as a preferred Training provider for any of the Oracle Cloud HCM modules.

  5. 5

    I like this course very much. Its the best training I have ever attended with ERP WebTutor.

  6. Outstanding Course Structure


    I really admired with detail outline course structure for with no trouble understanding for every student.

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