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Day 1 Free Preview:

Enterprise Structure design Case Study – Free Preview

Oracle Fusion Core HCM Functional Training – Course Outline:

  • HCM and Functional Setup Manager Overview
    • Application Implementation Manager
    • Application Implementation Consultant
    • HCM Administrator
    • Creating Implementation Projects
    • Fusion Architecture
    • Deployment Strategies
    • Creating the implementation user
    • User Interface
    • Workforce Deployment
    • Common objects setup
    • HCM and Payroll Integration
    • Job roles with Functional Setup Manager function
    • Value Sets
    • Setting up Flexfields (Descriptive flexfield, Key Flexfield and Extensible Flexfield)
  • Enterprise Service Configurator (ESC)
    • ESC Overview
    • Define Geographies
    • Define Enterprise
    • Define Division
    • Define Business Unit
    • Busines Unit: Use Cases
    • Define Legal Entity
    • Reference Data sets
    • Reference Data sets : Use Cases
    • Reviewing and Publishing ESC
  • Work Structure Setup
    • Define Position
    • Define Location
    • Define Jobs
    • Define Job Family
    • Define Grade
    • Define Department
    • Manage Action Types
    • Manage Actions and Actions Reasons
  • Miscellaneous HCM Setup
    • Person Number Generation
    • Workday
    • Define Schedule
    • Worker Number Generation
    • Assignment Number Generation
    • Name Type
    • Position Synchronization
    • Person-name Languages
    • Common Lookup
    • User-Defined Table
    • Person Types
    • Person Name formats
    • Person Name Styles
    • Assignment Status
    • Employment Lookup
  • Employment Model
    • Two-Tier Employment Model
    • Three-Tier Employment Model
    • Two-Tier Model: Single Assignment
    • Two-Tier Model: Multiple Assignments
    • Three-Tier Model: Single Employment Terms
    • Three-Tier Model: Multiple Employment Terms
    • Types of Employment Model
    • Change the Employment Model and Override
  • Managing Base Compensation
    • Basics of element
    • Salary basis with components
    • Salary Basis without components
    • Define Grade Steps
    • Grade Rates
    • Automated Grade Progression
    • Grades with Jobs: Use Cases
    • Grades with Position: Use Cases
    • Grades with Assignment: Use Cases
  • Workforce Lifecycle
    • Location Change
    • Transfers
    • Manager Change
    • Work hours change
    • Job Change
    • Termination
    • New Work Relationship
    • Cancel Work Relationship
    • Manage Person
    • New Employment (Hire, Rehire, Global Transfers)
    • Manage Employment
    • Manage Work Relationship
    • Manage Seniority Dates
  • Person Profile Management
    • Person Profile Management Overview
    • Define Content Type
    • Understanding differences between Free-form vs Non-Free-form content types
    • Understanding Content Items
    • Manage Person Languages
    • Manage Person Degrees
    • Manage Visa Information
    • Manage Driving Licence Information
    • Manage Person Documents
  • HCM Organization Tree
    • Define Organization Tree
    • Define Department Tree
    • Security considerations for using Org Tree
    • Security considerations for Department Tree


Course Curriculum

R13 Basic Changes – Start your learning here 00:12:00
Section 1: Session Recordings
Fusion Global HCM Live Training – Day 1 02:17:00
Fusion Global HCM Live Training – Day 2 02:48:00
Fusion Global HCM Live Training – Day 3 02:48:00
Fusion Global HCM Live Training – Day 4 02:50:00
Fusion Global HCM Live Training – Day 5 02:35:00
Fusion Global HCM Live Training – Day 6 02:50:00
Fusion Global HCM Live Training – Day 7 02:58:00
Fusion Global HCM Live Training – Day 8 03:18:00
Section 2: Additional Training Materials
Manage Value Sets in Fusion 00:00:21
Managing Geographies in Fusion HCM 00:39:00
Understanding the Common Paymaster concept in Fusion HCM 00:13:00
Configuring Salary with Components 00:15:00
Section 3: New Functionalities and Changes in Release 13
R13 New Features – Changes in FSM Work Area 00:06:00
R13 New Features – Additional settings for Enterprise HCM Information 00:13:00
R13 New Features – Additional Functionalities for managing Pending Workers 00:10:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Well - Versed on Fusion Core HR basic concepts


    Very good course, It will clear all your basic fundamental doubts on Fusion core HR module. After finishing this course, I am more confident than earlier to talk to my clients on core HR business requirements.

    Good content, Very well organized for self learners.



    I have attended so many demo’s for Fusion but course content which is provided by ERP Web Tutor is one of the best in the industry.
    Would like to suggest ERP Web Tutor to all the consultants who would like to learn HCM Fusion.

  3. Awesome


    This is the website I have enrolled so far Payroll EBS, Fusion HCM and now Talent which itself says how good the trainer is, trainer has good hands on experience and try to cover the maximum with his real time experience … i definitely suggest this website.


  4. Excellent Demonstration and Value for money


    Excellent demonstration of the concepts by touching the real time concepts where ever necessary. True value for money and it is almost like a virtual in person training. Awesome work!!!

  5. Excellent Explanation !


    Nice way of showing fusion capabilities with real scenarios and good comparing with Oracle EBS.

  6. Very Good Overview


    If you’re the type willing to learn using Oracle’s documentation, this course is a good complement. Since the documentation has no illustrations, it’s hard to relate to the topic under discussion. This course helps greatly in that regard.

  7. Very Good Training


    Course is well structured. Trainer Knowledger and experience is very good. Thanks erpwebtutor for providing qualitative and informative training.

  8. 5

    Honestly Speaking i Never ever got some where which i can get what i want like this website

  9. Great Foundation course for Oracle Cloud HCM


    After a great research on available online courses, I have decided to go with erpwebtutor to pursue my Oracle Cloud HCM course.

  10. Excellent course on Oracle HCM


    I have taken the self service Oracle Cloud Core HCM training from ERPWebtutor. Arideep is an excellent tutor and keeps the training interesting and covers the scenarios/issues that an implementation consultation faces as well. Topics are covered in depth and the training material is good.


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