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Learn all about Fusion Payroll Setups and processing. A confidence boosting course designed by industry experts to prepare you for your next Fusion HCM Payroll implementation (even if it would be you first…) That’s our guarantee.

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What is a Common Paymaster and what to consider for Fusion Payroll Implementation?

Oracle Fusion Payroll Functional Training – Course Outline:

Initial Setups – Functional Setup Manager and Application Implementation

  • Enabling Offerings, Functional Areas, and Features for Initial Use
  • Setup and Maintenance Tasks
  • Overview of Functional Setup Manager
  • Overview of Implementation Projects
  • Managing Payroll and Payroll Flow Security Profiles
  • Creating roles and setup users

Defining Common Applications Configuration

  • Managing Geographies
  • Managing Payroll features by country
  • Managing Legal Jurisdictions and Legal Authorities
  • Managing Legal Entities
  • Managing Legal Reporting Units

Defining Payroll Business Definitions

  • Managing Payroll Business Definitions
  • Managing Payroll Employment Hierarchy Profile Option Values

Defining Payment Methods

  • Managing Bank Accounts
  • Managing Organization Payment Methods
  • Managing Personal Payment Methods
  • Managing Third Parties and Third-Party Payment Methods

Defining Pay Frequencies

  • Managing Consolidation Groups
  • Managing Payroll Definitions
  • Managing Time Definitions

Defining Payroll Elements

  • Understanding Elements
  • Understanding Element Classifications
  • Managing Earnings and Deductions
  • Setting up elements (earnings, deductions, Employer Contributions, 401k etc.)

Creating Element Entries and Calculation Cards

  • Creating Element Entries
  • Managing Calculation Cards

Overview of Payroll Fast Formulas

  • Managing User-Defined Tables
  • Understanding Fast Formula Components
  • Skip rule examples
  • Common fast formula changes

Defining Balance Definitions

  • Managing Balance Definitions
  • Managing Balance Feeds

Calculating Payroll

  • Understanding the Payroll Calculation Process
  • Reviewing Payroll Results

Defining Events

  • Managing Proration Event Groups
  • Managing Retroactive Event Groups

Defining Payroll Costing

  • Payroll Costing Overview
  • Identifying Cost Allocation Key Flexfield Overview
  • Understanding the Cost Hierarchy
  • Managing Payroll Costing
  • Costing an Element

Defining Object Groups

  • Understanding Object Groups Overview
  • Managing Element Groups
  • Managing Work Relationship Groups
  • Managing Payroll Relationship Groups

Defining Payroll Flow Patterns

  • Managing Payroll Flow Pattern Overview
  • Managing Payroll Process Configuration

Testing the Setup

  • Managing Payroll Flow Tasks
  • Running Payroll Using a Flow Pattern
  • Running a Supplemental Payroll
  • Generating Payments Using a Flow Pattern
  • Verifying Payroll Run Results

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Course Curriculum

R13 Basic Changes – Start your learning here 00:12:00
Fusion Payroll New navigations in R13 00:07:00
Section 1: Session Recordings
Fusion Payroll Functional Training – Day 1 03:03:00
Fusion Payroll Functional Training – Day 2 03:09:00
Fusion Payroll Functional Training – Day 3 03:06:00
Fusion Payroll Functional Training – Day 4 02:57:00
Fusion Payroll Functional Training – Day 5 03:03:00
Fusion Payroll Functional Training – Day 6 02:55:00
Fusion Payroll Functional Training – Day 7 01:31:00
Section 2: Additional Materials
Restrict the number of personal payment methods in ESS 00:10:00
Payroll Batch Loader (PBL) 01:02:00
Running Payroll Costing Results Report 00:06:00
Section 3: New Functionalities and Changes in Release 13
R13 New Features – Person Search Functionality 00:09:00
R13 New Features – Enhancements for Third-Party Payments 00:17:00
R13 New Features – Statement of Earnings Improved view 00:05:00
R13 New Features – Running payroll using the Simplified Payroll Flow 00:32:00
R13 New Features – Restrict Payment Methods in ESS with simple configurations 00:08:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Great Course taught by Knowledgeable Instructors


    I took this class and was impressed by the instructors knowledge on payroll. They were very patient with the class answering all our questions. If they didn’t know the answer, they would do research and send an email to the class with the answer. The classes flowed well from topic to topic and they talked a lot about their experiences on implementations which I found very useful.

    I’ve looked at other payroll training solutions and based on having the access to a live instance, great instructors, and the cost makes it the best payroll training platform available.

  2. Excellent Online Training. More than what I expected.


    The Trainers responded to all questions and encouraged the group to feel comfortable with asking questions and at the same time ensured all identified Topics were covered. Cloud Payroll Concepts were clearly explained and there was good sense of progression through the topics.
    Wherever possible, potential Project situations were compared and explained so I was able to walk away with a head-start on solutions/workarounds to potential issues. Worth every Cent and Highly recommended.

    PS. I am an experienced Oracle EBS Payroll Consultant.

  3. Excellent Online Training


    I Attended this Online course and really and truly benefited a lot from it, the beauty of this course that I got the knowledge and training from real time experience trainer.
    it was amazing course which gave me more confidence.
    generally speaking, I Started my career with ERPWebtutotr from E-Business Suits and recently Started fusion since 2012, I never ever got like this website which you can get training from it then go and do real life work and scenarios.
    I tried different sources but this was my destination where i got what i wanted.

  4. Excellent Training Course - Led by fantastic instructors!


    There are many training providers out in the market; however, ERPWebTutor is by far the best.
    The payroll course sessions were structured really well and all topics were thoroughly covered by the instructors (both Arideep and Elsy are rockstars!). The instructors went above and beyond to answer all queries. For most of our sessions, they even stayed beyond the scheduled time for the session to answer any questions.
    I would highly recommend this training to everyone. If you want to learn Cloud Payroll – ERPWebTutor is the right place!



    Arideep and Elsy are Fabulous and Rocking! They covered each and every topic in detail and answered all our questions. Both of them have very good real time experience which helped us to cover all possible business scenarios. The training content and other documentation shared by them was very helpful.
    For most of our sessions, they even stayed beyond the scheduled time for the session to answer any questions. Even after all sessions they were prompt in answering the questions posted on their forums or email.
    Highly Recommended training!!!

  6. Great Course Taught by Fantastic Instructors


    This is the 4th course I have taken with ERPWebTutor. As always I am pleased by the information provided by both instructors.

    I benefited a lot from it. Instructors are knowledgeable and able to provide knowledge and training from real time experience trainer.

    I would recommend this course to anyone interested in gaining solid understanding for Oracle HCM – Payroll.

  7. The best Fusion Payroll Course out there - Guanteed


    5 stars hands down and without a doubt the best cloud Payroll course out there. I have seen some of the oracle training on Payroll but the biggest difference in my opinion is the practical experience of the erpwebtutor instructors. If you really want to master fusion payroll, look no further. Just sign up and practice each and every setups demonstrated in the sessions. Ask as many questions as possible as they do a good job responding. You should be ready to handle the client for your fusion payroll project.

    Brilliant job team ERPWebTutor!!!

  8. The number 1 course for Cloud Payroll - Believe me, you wont regret !!!


    I think the best decision I have taken so far, in recent months is, joining this course. I am so much blessed, that I joined this course. I would tell you key highlights of the course:
    -Very knowledgeable and experience Instructors. Both have very good hands on Cloud Payroll experience.
    -Both the instructors have done many Cloud Payroll implementations and you could see that experience talks. Also, discussion on real time issues/situation and how instructors have handled that in the past, what are Oracle bugs/enhancements logs, what are available workarounds etc. Everything is in depth.
    -Not only Payroll, but instructors have great knowledge on Global HR, Comp and Benefits as well. This helps connecting the dots among all the modules and icing on the cake for the candidates.
    -I haven’t seen any other course explaining in detail about Fast Formulas, Balance Conversions, W2s, Year End processes, Payroll Accruals etc. But here, you will get to know inside out.
    -Questions / Answer session on recording are also awesome. Get to learn a lot in those discussions.
    -Also, if you ask any question on the forum, the solution response is so quick that, sometimes I feel that I am just having a chat sessions for my answers.
    -Great communication and user training skills helps explaining even complex things at ease.
    This definitely makes it a Number 1 course and I highly recommend this course for candidate who are looking to get expertise in Cloud Payroll.
    Go for IT!!!

  9. Exceptional Training


    The Instructor has exceptional knowledge with Payroll Module and helped me to understand cross functional knowledge as well. I won’t hesitate to recommend this course for students looking for great exposure with HCM-Payroll.

  10. Great Oracle Fusion Payroll Training!!!


    This is my 4th self-service training with ERPWebtutor. I am new to Oracle Payroll but the concepts covered by Arideep and Elsy
    are in great details. A newbie can easily learn the concepts after taking this training. During the training they have covered the practical scenarios/challenges that an implementation consultant faces. Apart from that they do tell what Oracle Fusion Payroll does not addresses which is very important for the implementation consultant.

    I would highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to learn Oracle Fusion Payroll.


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