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Learn all about Fusion Payroll Setups and processing. A confidence boosting course designed by industry experts to prepare you for your next Fusion HCM Payroll implementation (even if it would be you first…) That’s our guarantee.

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What is a Common Paymaster and what to consider for Fusion Payroll Implementation?

Oracle Fusion Payroll Functional Training – Course Outline:

Initial Setups – Functional Setup Manager and Application Implementation

  • Enabling Offerings, Functional Areas, and Features for Initial Use
  • Setup and Maintenance Tasks
  • Overview of Functional Setup Manager
  • Overview of Implementation Projects
  • Managing Payroll and Payroll Flow Security Profiles
  • Creating roles and setup users

Defining Common Applications Configuration

  • Managing Geographies
  • Managing Payroll features by country
  • Managing Legal Jurisdictions and Legal Authorities
  • Managing Legal Entities
  • Managing Legal Reporting Units

Defining Payroll Business Definitions

  • Managing Payroll Business Definitions
  • Managing Payroll Employment Hierarchy Profile Option Values

Defining Payment Methods

  • Managing Bank Accounts
  • Managing Organization Payment Methods
  • Managing Personal Payment Methods
  • Managing Third Parties and Third-Party Payment Methods

Defining Pay Frequencies

  • Managing Consolidation Groups
  • Managing Payroll Definitions
  • Managing Time Definitions

Defining Payroll Elements

  • Understanding Elements
  • Understanding Element Classifications
  • Managing Earnings and Deductions
  • Setting up elements (earnings, deductions, Employer Contributions, 401k etc.)

Creating Element Entries and Calculation Cards

  • Creating Element Entries
  • Managing Calculation Cards

Overview of Payroll Fast Formulas

  • Managing User-Defined Tables
  • Understanding Fast Formula Components
  • Skip rule examples
  • Common fast formula changes

Defining Balance Definitions

  • Managing Balance Definitions
  • Managing Balance Feeds

Calculating Payroll

  • Understanding the Payroll Calculation Process
  • Reviewing Payroll Results

Defining Events

  • Managing Proration Event Groups
  • Managing Retroactive Event Groups

Defining Payroll Costing

  • Payroll Costing Overview
  • Identifying Cost Allocation Key Flexfield Overview
  • Understanding the Cost Hierarchy
  • Managing Payroll Costing
  • Costing an Element

Defining Object Groups

  • Understanding Object Groups Overview
  • Managing Element Groups
  • Managing Work Relationship Groups
  • Managing Payroll Relationship Groups

Defining Payroll Flow Patterns

  • Managing Payroll Flow Pattern Overview
  • Managing Payroll Process Configuration

Testing the Setup

  • Managing Payroll Flow Tasks
  • Running Payroll Using a Flow Pattern
  • Running a Supplemental Payroll
  • Generating Payments Using a Flow Pattern
  • Verifying Payroll Run Results

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Course Curriculum

Section 1: Session Recordings
Fusion Payroll Functional Training – Day 1 03:03:00
Fusion Payroll Functional Training – Day 2 03:09:00
Fusion Payroll Functional Training – Day 3 03:06:00
Fusion Payroll Functional Training – Day 4 02:57:00
Fusion Payroll Functional Training – Day 5 03:03:00
Fusion Payroll Functional Training – Day 6 02:55:00
Fusion Payroll Functional Training – Day 7 01:31:00

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