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A Person Number with this value already exists error

Recently someone reached out to us stating that he is getting the A Person Number with this value already exists error when entering a new person:

As you can see in the screenshot below, the complete error message states: A Person Number with this value already exists. Enter a unique value

A Person Number with this value already exists. Enter a unique value

This mainly happens when sequence specified at the enterprise HCM information screen is trying to use a number that is already assigned. See the screenshot of the enterprise HCM Information page.

enterprise HCM Info

When you encounter such a scenario, you need to identify what is the maximum number used by the sequence. To do that go to your Reports and analytics area:

Reports and analytics navigation

Click on the Browse catalog icon

Browse Catalog in Reports and Analytics

Click on New > Data Model

Create new data model

Click + and choose the SQL Query option

new Data Model SQL Query

Run the query to get the highest person number

SQL Query to get highest person number

Make sure to select the ApplicationDB_HCM and click OK.

Query used in the screenshot:

select min(person_number), max(person_number), length(person_number) from per_all_people_f where person_number not like ‘U%’ and person_number not like ‘W%’  group by length(person_number)

Then go to the Data tab and click View. Click on the Table view for easy viewing.

SQL Query results

As you can see in the above screenshot, that 3009 is the highest person number used in the application. You can then either set the next number in the enterprise HCM Info page or any higher starting number.

Save the information and you should be able to avoid the “A Person Number with this value already exists error”.

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Disclaimer: The query shown is for demonstration purpose only. Make sure to do changes as per your client requirements

November 23, 2017

2 responses on "A Person Number with this value already exists error"

  1. Thanks for the post. I have a question, what could be the reason for this? When I saw the first screen shot of this post I was thinking max number would be 9999. But It is not. Changing the HCM information page to 3009 is correct?

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