Oracle Fusion Payroll Processes Logging

Oracle Fusion Payroll Processes Logging

During configuration and testing of your Oracle Fusion Payroll you may need to turn on the detailed logging options provided with the product. Especially It may be useful when you are configuring new custom payroll elements, balances and developing new custom Fast Formulas. Using the logging feature you can collect a large volume of detailed information about element values, formula results, balance feeds, etc., that can be useful for investigating problems.

Please keep in mind that the logging activities will have an impact on the overall performance of the process you are logging. Usually, this feature is needed during your initial implementation and testing before production. In normal operation you should turn off the detailed logging.

Let me explain the steps needed to turn on the logging parameters in Oracle Fusion Payroll.

  • Manage Payroll Process Configuration

First of all let me set the logging parameter values. The payroll process affected will be run to capture the debugging information in a log file.

Choose FSM Task: Manage Payroll Process Configuration


In the Group Overrides tab we should create a new configuration group and assign values for the Logging Category Detailed information that is used for investigating problems parameter.


The following table explains the logging parameter values:

BBalance maintenance information
CCache structures information
EElement entry information
FFormula information
GGeneral logging information
IBalance output information
LBalance fetching information
MEntry or exit routing information: Provides output information that shows when any function is entered or exited. The information is indented to show the call level, and can be used to trace the path taken through the code at the function call level.
PPerformance information
QCache query information
RRun results information
SCache ending status information
VGenerate Vertex logging
TZPL/SQL detail and PL/SQL output: To obtain detailed information about the PL/SQL calls made by the Oracle Fusion Global Payroll application use the combination of the T parameter and the Z parameter.
  • Manage Object Groups

I would strongly recommend to restrict payroll process run only for the employee records that have issues. To provide this restriction we will configure separate Payroll Relationship Group.

Choose FSM Task: Manage Object Groups






  • Submit a Payroll Flow

Choose the US Simplified Payroll Cycle for example:


Provide parameters: Please ensure that you have chosen both Payroll Relationship Group and Process Configuration Group parameters.


  • Locate a log file





Please note: For processes that do not provide a Configuration Group parameter, the logging will need to be set on the Default Group (such as QuickPay).  So don’t forget to remove the parameter immediately after retrieving the log.

Hope this helps.

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