Taleo Business Edition Fusion HCM New Hire Integration

Last month Oracle released the first version of TBE – Fusion HCM integration capability. It was a long waited feature I waited from Oracle for a couple of years. Finally they started moving in this direction.
It is available starting from Taleo Business Edition Release 17A1.
I suppose the main reason is a growing number of customers who prefer to order Fusion HCM bundle for mid-size companies and also want to get Taleo Business Edition for talent acquisition processes. Customers realized that there is no OOTB integration between TBE and Fusion products like Taleo EE has and were forced to develop custom integration scenarios. But as I have been convinced many times Oracle makes huge investments only if they sure for one hundred percent in quick return. It seems this time is coming.

But let’s get to the point.

The initial version covers only a new hires process but I believe Oracle will extend integration capabilities in upcoming releases and finally make TBE OOTB integration like TEE.
So for now customers can automate creation of employees in Fusion HCM from candidate or employee records in TBE.
There is no ability to synchronize enterprise structures from Fusion HCM at the moment.
So customers should implement Fusion Core HR before starting implementation of TBE and then update enterprise structures in TBE instance.


You can look through the detailed explanation and setup steps by reading the following document: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/documentation/tbe-fusion-setupguide-17a1-v2-3442155.pdf

Hope it helps.

Good luck and remember:

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