Unable to find element classification for legislation

Unable to find element classification for some legislations

Bob is doing a global Fusion HCM cloud implementation project and his client has a legal entity in Italy where they have around 20 hourly employees. Bob has created the legislative data group and have linked the legal entity to the Italy legislative data group. Now he is planning to create the element which he wants to use in his salary basis but to his amusement he is unable to find element classifications when he selects Italy legislative data group. He immediately looks at the Manage element classification task and tries to see if anything is there but he finds nothing there. Bob think s that he needs to create the classifications there but doesn’t find an option to create new classification there as well.

Are you in Bob’s shoes??


Luckily Bob visited ERPWebTutor looking for his solution and was glad to find one. The video below can help you as well if you are unable to find element classification for your newly defined legislation.

Unable to find element classification – Solution 

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December 22, 2017

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