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Course Summary

Our Oracle Cloud Payroll Administrator Essentials course is designed to ensure that the payroll managers/administrators/clerks get the required knowledge to process US payroll and have the required knowledge to troubleshoot issues encountered during the various stages of the payroll process. You will learn about the standard payroll configurations such as payroll definitions, frequencies, consolidation sets and payroll elements for earnings, deductions, taxes. In addition, you will learn how to create element entries, calculate payroll by defining payments methods, and determine the costing of your elements. This course also covers the topics relevant for the payroll managers on employee maintenance such as overriding costing information at the employee level, adding/editing payment method for employees, setting up timecard flags to prevent hourly employees to get paid without approved time entries. Overall, this is a must have training for organizations that have recently implemented Oracle Cloud Payroll.


Who is the Target Audience

  • Payroll Managers
  • Payroll Processors
  • Payroll Specialists
  • Payroll Accountants
  • Payroll Clerks

Course Objective

  • How to manage payroll lookups, value sets, flexfields, employment hierarchy profiles
  • How to access Payroll work areas and the importance of data roles in Oracle Cloud
  • How to create and manage consolidation groups, payroll definitions, element entries, and deduction cards, as well as view run types and time definitions.
  • How to manage costing, payment methods etc. at the employee level
  • How to override tax withholding rules (exempt from FICA, Medicare etc) at the employee level
  • How to process US Payroll, view results and verify payroll reports using guided payroll flows
  • How to define and manage fast formulas, object groups, payment methods, payroll flow patterns, and balance definitions within HCM Payroll.
  • How to handle retro payments and distributed costing Cloud Payroll

Training Mode

  • Live Virtual
  • Onsite


  • 1.5 days (onsite)
  • 10 hours (training) + 2 hours (Q&A)



Course Curriculum

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