Self Service Human Resources SSHR in oracle allows your workforce to update and use employee-specific information, online via a browser, that is personalized to an individual’s role, experience, work content, language, and information needs. Self-service means that the originator of a task is also the person responsible for that task. Using a standard web browser, the user accesses HR data and performs a specific task, for example, registering a change of address. By transferring the responsibility for the task to the originator of the task, data accuracy is increased and administration costs are reduced. In this course you will learn about the implementation steps in SSHR, understand the various self service process, approvals setups and more.



  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of any ERP is preferred but not mandatory
  • Domain knowledge will help but not mandatory
  • A good understanding of Core HRMS

Oracle SSHR Functional Training – What our course offers

  • Business case study scenario for a sample Absence Management implementation
  • Understanding self service responsibilities, menus and functions
  • Creating custom SSHR functions to meet enterprise needs in terms of approvals, personalizations
  • Understanding and setting up SSHR profile options
  • Understanding Approvals Management Engine (AME)
  • Lectures on AME components such as Rules, approval groups, attributes, conditions and action types and its usages
  • Approvals related case studies explaining the solution design methodology and complete setup steps
  • Self service processes with approvals for absence requests, applicant hire etc.
  • Setting up the self service global deployment process
  • Basic personalizations in SSHR. A detailed course on personalizations can be found here.

The Setup documents, often referred to as the BR100 is also posted for reference.

What is the Target Audience?

  • Oracle Consultants
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • ERP students and consultants
  • Oracle Apps Technical consultants trying to switch to Oracle HCM Functional

We also recommend you to visit Oracle Forums and explore Oracle Support to learn more scenarios and solutions.

Video Duration: 6 hours 50 mins

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Introduction to SSHRFREE 00:17:00
Section 2: SSHR Configurations
SSHR Setup Document 00:00:00
SSHR Setups 01:05:00
Section 3: Approvals Management Engine (AME)
AME OverviewFREE 00:00:00
AME Configurations in SSHR 00:52:00
Enabling FYI notifications in AME 00:00:00
SSHR AME Case Study 1 00:39:00
SSHR AME Case Study 2 00:48:00
SSHR AME Case Study 3 00:53:00
Section 4: SSHR Processes
Applicant Hire in SSHR 00:18:00
Absence Request in SSHRFREE 00:30:00
Global Deployment in SSHR 00:24:00
Section 5: Personalizations
OA Personalizations – OverviewFREE 00:28:00
OA Personalizations – Examples 00:26:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Very Good And Valuable

    I have taken this course and I found it is very good and valuable for me. It help increase my understanding and increase my confidence to work in this module. I will recommend who wants to learn HCM, please choose ERPWEBTutorial. This is value for money and time.


  2. Excellent foundation for starting with SSHR


    I found this course to be very valuable in explaining the benefits and practical understanding of Oracle SSHR. If you’re organization is looking to use SSHR and you need to get a primer on how to start, this is the first stop you should take. Great job!

  3. Great course content


    Great course content and narration is exemplary.

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