This course focuses on the features, functions and benefits of Oracle HCM. Students learn the logical flow of the processes involved in Human resources and where Oracle HCM fits in the overall enterprise structure. Core HR covers employees hire to retire cycle.

Video Duration: 21 + hours


  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of any ERP is preferred but not mandatory
  • Domain knowledge will help but not mandatory

Core HRMS Tutorials – Course Outline

  • Creating custom HRMS responsibilities for setup user, super user and regular user
  • Understanding key flexfields and its usages in HRMS
  • Understanding descriptive flexfields and its usages in HRMS
  • Understanding work structures in Oracle HCM
  • Setting up business groups, GRE/Legal entities, operating units and HR Organizations
  • Creation jobs, positions, grades, people groups.
  • Creating organization hierarchy, position hierarchy with explanations of their usages in security profiles
  • Creating salary basis, payrolls, elements etc.
  • A detailed explanation about the datetracking concept in Oracle HRMS
  • Workforce management cycle i.e hire to retire process including creation of applicants, employees, updates, terminations and reverse termination processes.
  • Understanding and configuring SIT’s and EIT’s
  • Detailed explanation of checklist functionality in Oracle HCM.
  • Taskflow in Oracle HCM along with case studies
  • Custom employee, applicant, contingent worker number generation setups with explanation of fast formulas.

What is the Target Audience?

  • Oracle Consultants
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • ERP students and consultants
  • Oracle Apps Technical consultants trying to switch to Oracle HCM Functional

We also recommend you to visit Oracle Forums and explore Oracle Support to learn more scenarios and solutions.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Core HR Implementation Basics
IntroductionFREE 00:20:00
Legislation in HRMSFREE 00:00:00
Security Models in HRMS 00:00:00
Setup Document (BR100) 00:00:00
Section 2: Flexfield and Value Sets
Setting up Value SetsFREE 00:34:00
Key Flexfields Setups 00:42:00
Descriptive Flexfields Setups 00:17:00
Section 3: WorkStructures
Work Structures 00:33:00
Setting up Organizations 00:17:00
Organization hierarchy and Jobs 00:20:00
Positions in HRMS 00:22:00
Understanding Assignment Statuses 00:26:00
Section 4: Salary Administration
Salary Basis & Basic Payroll Setups 00:14:00
Section 5: Employee Administration
Date Tracking in HRMS 00:00:00
Create an applicant in Oracle HCM 00:21:00
Create Employee in HRMSFREE 00:17:00
Create Employee Address 00:07:00
Update Employee’s primary address 00:04:00
Entering SIT Information 00:17:00
Employee Salary Management in Oracle HRMS 00:16:00
Employee Termination Process 00:22:00
Section 6: Understanding Checklist Functionality
Checklists Introduction 00:06:00
Checklist Setups 00:24:00
Section 7: Form Personalizations
Introduction to Form PersonalizationsFREE 00:46:00
Form Personalizations Examples 00:11:00
Taskflow in HRMS 00:20:00
Custom Responsibilities and Security Profiles 01:21:00
Special Info Types (SIT) and Extra Info Types (EIT) 00:40:00
Custom Person Number Generation in HRMS 00:41:00
Section 8: Alerts in Oracle
Introduction to Oracle Alerts 00:39:00
Oracle Alert Tutorial Case Study 1 00:25:00
Section 9: HR Maintenance
Create HR LocationsFREE 00:06:00
Create Jobs in Oracle HRMS 00:15:00
Creating Cost Centers, departments 00:09:00

Course Reviews


13 ratings
  • 5 stars12
  • 4 stars1
  • 3 stars0
  • 2 stars0
  • 1 stars0
  1. 5

    Having taken many trainings from Oracle University in past, I stumbled upon ERPWEBTUTOR. I was initially skeptical to join low cost training from ERPWEBTUTOR, but soon discovered that their quality is top class. The trainer was very receptive to all my questions, and I was able to practice all my lab exercises. I had a problem to finish the Checklist lab but after watching the video with the trainer I was able to find out that I missed the AME steps that was causing me a headache. Thank you so much ERPWebTutor. You are the best in the field, I couldn’t find the solution for most of my lab’s problem without your help.

  2. Great Learning


    This course has helped me understand how the application works. The trainer – Arideep is very knowledgeable and explains the concepts very clearly.

  3. Great Course!


    I am so glad that I found this course. I have worked with other HCM/HRMS products in the past but not with the Oracle solution which has significant differences in look , “feel” and concept. The trainer explains ceverything very thoroughly, the pace and examples are great and when I’ve had questions they’ve been handled promptly, professionally and accurately. I highly recommend this training to anyone looking for a solid functional foundation in Oracle HCM at an absolutely great price!

  4. Very Explanatory!


    * Great course for a beginner
    * Detailed and through explanation to each step
    * Got an overview of HRMS module
    * step by step support to do a hands on implementation

  5. Easy to understand


    This course is very well constructed. I have a better understanding of how this application works. I would highly recommend this course, especially for people like me (who are new to Oracle).

  6. Excellent


    I liked it a lot. Very good explanation along with perfect examples and the best material. Overall an Excellent course guys.

  7. Helpful!


    It very helpful! I really enjoyed that activity and felt like this is something I should be doing as I found myself quickly getting hold of the concepts.

  8. Hats off to instructor.



  9. Great Self explanatory Course


    Can become expertise on following these videos. Each and every concept is clearly explained in simple ways.

  10. Excellent Course Content


    I checked few other training sites before sign in to erpwebtutor because, content is 100% accurate and narration is excellent.

  11. Core HR Training Review


    I completely believe that this is the best online course available for EBS HRMS/OTL/OAB/Payroll training’s. Instructors have in depth knowledge, great communication skill, nice teaching qualities, explains the topics very well, step by step approach and good hands on experience.
    The difference between ERPWEBTUTOR and other courses is, ERPWEBTUTOR provides thorough detail about each and every topic and wont miss any functionalities. Whereas, other courses (might be even little less pricey ) but goes on overall topics and misses the key areas.
    Just for e.g. Payroll taxes, have seen others just talks overall, but no one goes in detail like ERPWEBTUTOR.

    I got this as a EBS whole combo package which was a good deal as I could get expertise in all the modules at reasonable price.
    Also, you will get 6 month access which is really good. Has helped a lot for me!!!

    So, in my point of view this is the number one course and would recommend it for sure!!!

  12. Good Course Content


    I believe this is the best online course available for EBS.
    It very helpful!
    I highly recommend this training to anyone looking for a functional foundation in Oracle HCM at an absolutely great price

  13. Great course to do Core HR Implementation


    This course helped me to perform Core HR implementation without any previous experience. Thank You!

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